Brittanie Thomas is a creative, advocate, and seasoned administrator studying to promote creativity, education, and the integration of both as a wellness intervention for adult-learners. 

Brittanie’s personal student and professional journey prompted a high-degree of compassion for student wellness, leading to a career pursuit within post-secondary education. For over ten years, she has worked alongside private, public, and proprietary institutions as a federal student aid administrator, specializing in procedural development, student counseling, and regulatory compliance.  Her current life-work and doctoral study investigates creativity from a theoretical perspective, in order to better understand student engagement and learner motivation.

Brittanie has earned a B.S. in Business Administration with a minor in Africana Studies from Drexel University. She holds a M.S. in Higher Education: Teaching & Learning from Walden University and M.A. in Management: Organizational Leadership from American Public University. Beginning her doctoral studies at Rowan University, Brittanie is now headed back to Drexel University to finish her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership: Creativity & Innovation.

In equal effort, Brittanie is a recording artist and composer of music. In 2013, Brittanie independently executive produced her debut album, Two Chords and Pen, alongside producer, singer, and songwriter, Joshua Lay (Left Brain Productions, ASCAP). In 2017, she released a follow-up EP, Brains & Lyrics: Is This Love?

Most of all, Brittanie is a follower of Jesus Christ and advocate for men and women committed to living progressive, fulfilling lives. With no pre-disposition of the outcome, she is open to all that is ahead in her future as a singer, songwriter, and scholar.

I Corinthians 9:19-23.

MGM Community Partner Award, 2019; The Mosaic Family Success Center Community Partner Award, 2018; Idea Lab National Finalist - Wells Fargo/NAACP, 2018; Woman of Courage Award Recipient - NAACP, 2017.